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Get fitter, stronger, and more confident at Combat Wing Chun. At my martial arts center, you’ll find trainer who is skilled in a wide range of martial arts. I teach self defense also help to cultivate mind, body, and spirit. Whether you’ve never thought about martial arts before or you’re looking to build, I am confident you’ll find a class that’s right for you at my Austin-based studio. To find out more about my pricing structure and class times, visit me or give me a call at +15124886050.

Only Boxers Can Train Boxers

I believe that the best boxing coaches are those who have truly lived the competitive lifestyle. I have competed at national & international levels, so I have first-hand experience with the techniques that I am teaching. I am passionate about what I do and committed to helping you achieve your best – plus getting into shape – in a safe and fun boxing environment.

Get Fit, Get Disciplined

My training centre is clean and bright, and I ensure all my equipment and apparatus is fit for purpose, regularly checked and properly maintained. It’s of paramount importance to me that all my students feel they can train safely and with confidence. I create a positive and inclusive atmosphere to ensure students and parents feel welcome and part of my martial arts community – call me for more information.


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